About Kashif Project

Kashif Organization for Breast Cancer Prevention, a specialized research organization founded in 2018. Kashif  is a software that analyzes mammograms and diagnoses breast cancer tissues  with an accuracy of 98.8%.

 It’s invented by engineer  Maha ALI , a graduate of Sudan University of Science and Technology 2011.

 Kashif organization was established to support the prevention of breast tumors in Sudan.

 and the secondary goals of the organization are:

 The primary  goal of the organization is the establishment of smart centers for early detection

 gathering information,  creating a database to reduce the administrative work at all levels, and reduce the risk of breast tumors in Sudan.

  The organization has three main projects:

  1) Implement kashif  project.

  2) Earlier step of detecting the cancer .

  3) Collecting the data and establish scientific research centers.

2) Earlier step of detecting the cancer : It is a training of the medical staff on how to detect the cancer at the earlier stage which  includes Psychological counseling, sanitization and how to conduct scientific research in the field of breast cancer prevention in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health, the Sudanese National Research Center and

Department of Immunology in the hottest areas .

One of the organization’s activities is a platform that turns  into communicating with women’s issues in the field of breast cancer and is a reference  for researchers and those interested in this field  under the supervision of consultants,  and specialists in therapeutic medicine and psychiatry.

Inventory by : Maha Almona