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To keep your health safe

 Kashif Organization for Breast Cancer was established within the national organizations of Sudan under the Humanitarian Aid Commission and the management of organizations on the 4th of December 2018,

 The establishment of the organization in difficult circumstances, but the spread of the disease was the biggest concern and was not waiting for the availability of appropriate conditions is the best solution and therefore necessary for the beginning of the journey even if only volunteers and was always conditioned on how to find financial support, and all beginnings in such situations vary visions but will  Strong, Divine and always open the way,

  This is the birth of the detector program, a computer program that analyzes breast cancer tissue through the mammogram device in color automatically.  Inventor By Engineer :         Maha Abdulhadi Almona (Lecturer at the University of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal – Dammam) Has been the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding and agreements between the organization and the inventor to work together.

 Vision :-

 Our vision for the future is the early detection of breast cancer using advanced computer programs by linking them with mammograms to reduce the analytical error rate of breast tissue images to the lowest possible rate.

 A special research and development department for all programs related to early detection of breast cancer.

 Objectives :-

 Supporting the detector program for early screening of breast cancer.

 .  Establishment of centers for early detection of breast cancer with nominal fees

 Projects: –

 1 / Link the detector program with all Mammogran devices.

 2 / Gathering information related to breast cancer from centers, hospitals, consultants and relevant authorities and creating a database that is accessed via mobile applications and the Internet to provide information and coordination between specialists to exchange reports and provide consultations and to create a circle that serves the communities locally, regionally and internationally.

 3 / Periodic detection in the capital and the states and coordination with the relevant authorities for breast cancer.  4 / work sessions and seminars for volunteers to contribute to community service.